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About us

We provide complete services in preparing large investment projects in the Czech Republic, focusing on obtaining the necessary construction and technical permits, and decisions on investment incentives.

We ensure that progress during the preparation and project realization phase is as smooth and fast as possible.

Why choose us

  • We find your best strategy and supervise its implementation. We identify and anticipate risks.
  • We present a unique combination of technical and legal perspectives when planning and realizing investments.
  • We deliver significant time and financial savings for the entire project.
  • We offer almost 15 years of experience in project preparation and large investment planning.



Technical permits

We provide all types of permits for large-scale investment projects in the Czech Republic. These include changes to master plans, EIA, IPPC, planning permits, building permits, decisions on trial operations, final approval and all related permits.

We participate in projects from first conception, through preparation and implementation, up until they are put into operation. During planning, we define the best strategy. Then, we check its implementation and optimize all legislative and technical processes during the process. We avoid risks by choosing the best possible strategy from the start and as the investment progresses. If unpredictable circumstances arise, we find quick and effective solutions.

Investment Incentives

We provide decisions on investment incentives.
We supply not “only” financial-legal advice, but we can also evaluate a project from a technical point of view. The strategy for investment incentives is also coordinated from the perspective of construction permits, thus we are able to mutually optimize both processes. We have experience with projects approved in the Czech Republic and those notified by the European Commission. We co-operate with the best financial consultants and experts in competition law in the Czech Republic and Brussels.

Links to other fields

We see investment projects in all their contexts. We ensure and coordinate cooperation with renowned experts in other fields, such as competition law, financial planning, tax consultancy and energy.

Elite Permitting
Our Standards
  • Continuity We participate in the project from planning strategy to completing the investment. Our work has no interim finish: our goal is the client’s goal.
  • No empty promises We set processes to meet client expectations, while complying with both legislative and technical requirements. We do more than follow standard procedure: we look for innovative solutions
  • Fair approach We work for the client and protect his or her interests. Always.
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At the moment, we are working on the following projects
If you have any questions about these projects, contact us at this number: +420 739 318 837

These projects are currently among the most important foreign investments in the Czech Republic.
Unfortunately, our clients’ confidentiality means that we are unable to publish more details. Thank you for your understanding.


Elite Permitting

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